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Eaton, Cynthia Freelance Writer

Features writer - profiles,colour pieces, lifestyle, food

Ed Charles, business journalist and food writer

Melbourne, Vic, 3182

My main areas of expertise are business, management, personal finance, social media and food and drink. I currently have a weekly restaurant column in the Citystyle section of the Herald Sun and contribute features to the section. I regularly write for ...

Editor, sub-editor and proofreader - Lani Stanistreet

Preston, VIC, 3072

Lani Stanistreet is a skilled editor, sub-editor and proofreader with over 15 years experience. She has specialist knowledge in media, publishing, public relations, education, information technology, and real estate, but will happily tackle any new topic. ...

Ehrnrooth, Albert Journalist/Actor

I write and broadcast in Swedish, Dutch and English. I grew up near Amsterdam, lived in Helsinki, Antwerp and London (17 years). I trained and worked as an actor in three different countries. My work has appeared in the following national broadsheets: Th ...

Elisabeth Lopez - journalist

Elisabeth is a print journalist of many years' standing. Most recently, she has been a sub-editor and reporter at The Age and The Age Online, covering general news stories. She's now reporting, producing features and reading at SBS radio news in Melbo ...

Elizabeth Ball

I was the editor of Our House magazine (produced with Channel 9), and Luxury Home Designs magazines. I have just completed a deputy editing contract role on a new magazine for Warringah Mall called Coasting which will go out to 100,000 households.


Elysebeth Fraser-Price - Writer, editor, photojournalis...

OXLEY, ACT, 2903

Writer, editor and photojournalist. Experienced and versatile - government and corporate publications, politics, health and lifestyle, travel, small business, dance (particularly Middle Eastern) profiles and reviews, interviewing and research. I have a ...

Eric Rasmussen

From Funk and Soul to Jump Blues this American singer covers a range of music classics both solo acoustic and with his full band 'Jump To It'.