Alliance Inquiry Desk

Ph: 1300 65 65 12
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The Alliance Inquiry Desk (AID) is open during business hours Monday to Friday and is based at the Alliance's federal office at 245 Chalmers St, Redfern.

Financial Alliance members can contact the AID for information regarding rates of pay, contracts and commissions.

The Alliance is a member based not for profit organisation. To use our resources, which come from financial members paying their fees, to help non-members would be to the detriment of financial members of the union, so the Alliance can only provide assistance for financial members.

This includes pre-existing claims; that is, if you have an ongoing issue, and then join the Alliance, whiles the Alliance will be happy to assist you with advice on future scenarios, we are unable to assist on matters that started before you were a member. If you are calling regarding an issue that affects your whole workplace, please notify the Alliance Inquiry officer of this.

The Information Centre is the best place for people to locate required information on our web site.

The Alliance has offices in most states and New Zealand. You can find them here.

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