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Alliance 2015 Elections

The Fair Work Commission has made arrangements with the Australian Electoral Commission for elections to be conducted in 2015.

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MEAA crew win support of Anthony Albanese

sm techsThe Honourable Anthony Albanese (Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport) has responded to members concerns about importation of foreign crew who have entered into Australia to work on the Cricket World Cup.


Foreign crew entry ‘not cricket’: union seeks TV action

sm techsThe importation of up to 450 crew employed by Singapore-based Broadcast Solutions to work on the ICC's Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand has raised some serious concerns about local employment, wages and safety. The Australian's Michael Bodey covers the issue here.


MEAA seeks action over imported workers

sm techsMEAA has written to the Honourable Peter Dutton MP expressing their concern over international crew being granted inappropriate visas to enable them to work at the ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.


Kiwis react to local crew being replaced by foreign cricket contractors

sm techsAustralian and New-Zealand crew condemn the International Cricket Council (ICC) and broadcaster, Broadcast Solutions' approach to hiring workers at the 2015 Cricket World Cup.


Cricket crew win support at the MCG and SCG

sm techsMEAA members petitioned cricket goers at both the MCG and SCG to raise awareness about the hundreds of foreign crew being brought in to broadcast the 2015 Cricket World Cup.


Crew member shares his story after set tragedy in Taiwan

sm techsAn Australian MEAA crew member working on the film “Silence” in Taiwan, shares his story after a purpose-built roof recently collapsed on set killing one contractor and injuring two others.