MEAA welcomes news Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will shoot in Australia

allianceThe Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) welcomes news that Walt Disney Studios will shoot the next instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean in Queensland in 2015.


Permanent incentives needed to attract big budget productions

sm techsMEAA welcomes the announcement that the Federal Government is offering Walt Disney Studios a $21.6 million incentive in a bid to bring production of the fifth instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean to Australia. However Disney is seeking top-up incentives to 30 per cent of the budget.


Support our offshore film industry

sm techsMEAA has written to Minister for the Arts, George Brandis, outlining the case for a permanent increase to the location offset, from 16.5% to 30%. You can strengthen that call by following up with your own letter or email.


MEAA calls on government to permanently increase location offset incentive

sm techsMEAA has met with Disney to discuss a big-budget feature proposed to shoot in Australia at the start of 2015.


Demystifying public liability insurance

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Did you know that becoming a MEAA music member entitles you to free public liability insurance? We’ve put together a video explaining how your membership can protect you from the unexpected.


MEAA Offshore Production agreement pledge

sm techsWe welcome offshore productions in coming to Australia to work with our highly skilled and experienced technicians and world-class industry infrastructure. We believe that a consistent agreement for crew conditions is an important step forward for our industry.

We have created a template agreement that is tailored for the global market. In return, we expect offshore producers to respect our template agreement.

We will not sign contracts on any production that seeks to erode the template.

What is the Offshore Production Agreement?

Click read more to sign the pledge and click here to see who else has signed.