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The Alliance supports our members through professional development programs. Find out more here.

Alliance 2015 Elections

The Fair Work Commission has made arrangements with the Australian Electoral Commission for elections to be conducted in 2015.

Download a copy here.

CPC abandons proposal to cut TVC pay and conditions

sm techsMEAA welcomes the Commercial Producers Council’s (CPC) announcement that it will not proceed with its proposal to cut pay and conditions for crew working on television commercials.


Safety: Heated & burnt plastics used to modify lighting

sm techs

If you work in the entertainment industry you can potentially be exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace for the duration of your working life. There are many plastics products when heated give off cacogenic and toxic gases that potentially endanger the lives of entertainment workers. Many lighting technicians work in confined spaces, and the cumulative effect of exposureto toxins can lead to severe health problems and even death. 


Meet your MEAA Screen Committee

sm techsForty-three MEAA members have been endorsed by their peers to form the MEAA Screen Committee. The committee will represent members at meetings and events that will drive MEAA campaigns.


World Cup over but the battle for jobs continues

sm techsHundreds of Australian screen technicians recently lost out on much-needed work when temporary workers were brought into Australia to broadcast the Cricket World Cup.


More than 70 jobs under threat at iconic Sydney arts venue

allianceMore than 70 workers who bring productions to life at the City Recital Hall Angel Place could lose their jobs as a result of a proposal before Sydney City Council.


MEAA gets TV commercial producers to the bargaining table

allianceTV commercial producers will negotiate crew rates and conditions with the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) after initially trying to bypass the bargaining process and introduce an agreement that lowered rates and conditions.