Fair Work Act under review

Alliance LogoThe Alliance has written a submission to the Review of the Fair Work Act. The Alliance has sought to redress a number of simple administrative burdens within the Act to make the processes easier for Alliance members when faced with individual and organisational disputes. Read our submission here.

Alliance on Convergence

Alliance LogoThe Alliance has made a submission on the Convergence Review's Australian and Local Content Discussion Paper. The Alliance has argued the need to support the creation of Australian content moving into the future supporting a mixed model of support measures for the short and long term. Read it here.

NZ Equity condemns changes to the Immigration procedures

Equity SectionNZ Equity has expressed its disappointment at the NZ Government’s decision to change the immigration process for the entry of temporary entertainment workers into New Zealand.

“The immigration process that has been in place for decades, was there to ensure that New Zealand performers were provided with reasonable opportunities to work on all film and television productions,” said NZ Equity President Jennifer Ward-Lealand. “The new minimal process will now provide carte blanche for New Zealand taxpayer supported productions to engage non-New Zealand performers for any and every role. This is contrary to the Government’s stated election policy of ‘Kiwi’s First’.”


Actors donate $NZ37,000 to Court Theatre

Chair of the Court Theatre Fundraising Appeal, Barbara Stewart and NZ Equity president, Jennifer Ward-Lealand

The Alliance and NZ Actors’ Equity have donated vital funds to Christchurch’s Court Theatre, which was destroyed in February’s earthquake. Read more at  http://www.actorsequity.org.nz/component/content/article/44-in-the-news/139-actors-donate-30000-to-christchurchs-court-theatre


New Zealand Earthquake

NZ EarthquakeThe Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance is saddened by reports that media staff members are among those confirmed dead following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

"This is tragic news. On behalf of Australian journalists, I'd like to offer our warmest sympathy and condolences to our colleagues in the New Zealand news industry," Alliance federal secretary Christopher Warren said. "It's a mark of your professionalism and commitment that, in the midst of the chaos and grief such a disaster brings, you have continued to report with the same diligence that is a hallmark of the New Zealand media."


NZ Equity Standard Contracts

NZ Equity Standard ContractsIn Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and America performers have standard contracts, which include minimum working conditions, and residuals on screen work. These contracts are negotiated between the performers' unions such as British Equity and the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG), and producers. These contracts give performers and agents certainty about the minimum expectations performers should have on any film, television or theatre job. Agents of course are free to negotiate terms which are better than the minimum negotiated between their union and producers. In New Zealand there are no such contracts. While there is a set of guidelines, known as "The Pink Book", these are not binding on any producer and do not stand up to comparison with the minimum conditions performers receive in all other English speaking countries.