Talks Stall, Actors? Strike Looms

ImageActors will not work on foreign television commercials shot in Australia from Friday unless an employment agreement is reached between Actors? Equity and the Screen Producers? Association of Australia (SPAA). SPAA met with Actors? Equity for the first time last week and agreed to reconsider its decision not to negotiate a replacement. However, just days later SPAA said it was only willing to re-negotiate some conditions, meaning the rest - including all clauses relating to how much a performer should expect to be paid - would be scrapped.


Alliance launches ?No Journos. No News? campaign

No JOurnosYour Union has launched a public campaign, ?No Journos. No News?, this week in response to deep and wide-ranging job cuts at News Limited this year. The tally of editorial job losses at News Ltd mastheads around the country this year stands at 106 so far. Visit the campaign website for an interactive map that tracks the redundancies as well as tributes to many of the long-time News staffers who have lost their jobs, news and updates, and information on how to get off your AWA and much more. Do you know someone at News Limited who has lost their job? You can add your tribute to a News Limited worker and their tremendous contribution to the craft of journalism. Make sure others get to know the enormous contribution of skills, loyalty and expertise that is being lost as News Limited continues to cut editorial staff by sending a tribute here.

No Back Pay On AWAs

ImageNews Ltd community newspaper staff employed on the union collective agreement have received a 3.5 per cent pay increase backdated to Jan 1. However, those on AWAs have been treated differently. In NSW, management claims AWA staff are not entitled to any back pay although they will receive a 3.5 per cent increase from now on. In Victoria, AWA staff at Leader got a lower pay rise than their counterparts on the collective agreement.

News Ltd Redundancies Reach 100 Mark

ImageThe latest round of redundancies at The Australian brings the number of staff laid off by News Ltd this year to more than 100. Last week the national newspaper has sacked seven of its longest-serving photographers with collective service at the company of more than 150 years. The Alliance has called on the management of The Australian to front staff and explain the latest round of job cuts as required under the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.


Fairfax Cuts Continue

ImageTen staff working on the racing guides at the Sydney Morning Herald, the Illawarra Mercury and the Age were told last week of plans to make them redundant and outsource their jobs to Pagemasters. Up to 12 Information Services staff were also told that their jobs were being cut - again because their work was being outsourced to Pagemasters.


Alliance Advises On FoI

ImageThe Alliance has been working with the Right to Know coalition and in its own right for improvements to the Government's proposed Freedon of Information laws. While we think the amended legislation launched by John Faulkner in March is a good first step, there is still too much information about government that is exempt from FoI laws. Read our submission here.