News Limited Update

sm mediaThe rumours of a major redundancy announcement continue to swirl causing enormous distress for all of us. Following on from our meeting last Friday, the Alliance has again been in contact with the company today seeking advice on the timing and content of any announcement.

The Alliance has again been told that there is no number or target attached to redundancies. The company again said they expect redundancies to flow from the introduction of seven-day rosters but they do not know how many.

As previously advised, the company has agreed to Alliance's request for a nationally coordinated consultation to guide the implementation of seven day rosters.

And they have committed to honouring all redundancy provisions in the EBA. They have also agreed that these provisions will be applied to all editorial staff including those still on AWAs or other individual flexibility arrangements.

The detail of the proposed consultation and redundancy processes will be brought to members next week for endorsement.

The Alliance is working hard for all members. The events at Fairfax this week have been terribly distressing for everyone who loves journalism. Alliance is doing everything we can to minimise the job losses there, but at the same time we are maintaining our focus on News Ltd.

Alliance has agreements in place with the company to provide protection for members. Now is a very good time to be part of the Alliance.