Our union’s future

allianceThe Alliance is in a year-long review of how best to structure itself for the future. We’re developing a consolidated strategic framework that focusses on growing our union and we’re reviewing the way we’re structured to ensure we’re built for the 21st century.

Part of this is simplifying our governance structures to strengthen our individual sections and shifting to merit based selection of senior staff in lieu of elections. We’ve prepared a discussion paper on the options for this. If you’re a member of the Alliance and want a copy of this paper so you can let us know what you think, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We’ve been shaping our activities and plans into a strategic framework that drives us towards the key goals of the Alliance. These are:

  • Organise to grow
  • Your rights at work
  • Build better benefits and extend services
  • Shape our industries through industries and campaigns
  • Be part of something bigger

 The Federal Executive has adopted this framework and our staff are working to finalise the project plans needed to achieve our strategies. We’re having a national staff retreat in August to finalise this.  We’re also undertaking a fundamental review of our internal procedures and policies to ensure we’re working as efficiently and transparently as possible. If you’re a member and have any suggestions on this, do let us know.

 Federal Council as the supreme rank and file body will be meeting in September to make the decisions on how we shape our union for the future. This is the chance for all members to have their say.